Synthetic Exchange Token: Trade and A Token to be Made for the Crypto Exchange Market

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Synthetic Exchange Token
Synthetic Exchange Token

Synthetic Exchange Token – Trade with leverage without the risk of liquidation

Synthetic Exchange Token – Trade with leverage without the risk of liquidation. Earn interest on funds locked away for a fixed term. Participate in profit sharing from trading fees and market making activities of other users. These are some of the services available within TESECO’s synthetic exchange token that will operate as a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation.

Synthetic Exchange Token (TES) is a utility-token issued based on EOS blockchain. It is a decentralized, high performance and secure way to do trade with leverage (up to 33x) without the risk of liquidation. Our project provides traders a transparent and safe platform for trading that doesn’t require them to understand technical or financial instruments.

Synthetic exchange tokens set new standards for cryptocurrency markets. From our unique profit distribution method to a minimum balance requirement for our users, utility tokens from TESECO support a low-risk ecosystem where traders of all levels can trade with leverage without the risk of liquidation and earn regular dividends on their investment.

TESECO tokens is an exchange network ERC20

Synthetic Exchange Token
Synthetic Exchange Token

TESECO is an exchange token that facilitates lending and borrowing of synthetic assets. Trade with leverage without the risk of liquidation. If you’re an experienced trader, you know the value of being able to take a position that’s larger than your capital might normally allow. But what if the market turns and your position goes into liquidation? With synthetic assets you don’t have to worry about that; which is why TESECO is so valuable.

The TESECO Synthetic Exchange Token will allow users to access our Smart Contract network and trade ERC20 tokens with leverage without the risk of being liquidated by placing an order that is too large.

TESECO allows you to trade certain cryptocurrency pairs with what’s called a synthetic exchange token. This means you can trade on margin with leverage without the risk of liquidation in the event of a trade going against you. TESECO also allows for the simultaneous purchase or sale of multiple cryptocurrencies, swapping a portion of one coin into another, as well as trading futures contracts.

TESECO is a platform that allows you to trade the value of ETH with leverage. Our goal is to make Crypto-currency widely used, and we do that by making it easier to obtain and use. Our multi-function RTS Token gives users 3 benefits with one token:

  1. Safety: The safety and interest feature protects TESECO members from scamming exchanges.
  2. Time Saving: Trading on discount schedule without worrying about order cancellation delays.
  3. Risk Controlling: By exchanging only when you have enough funds for the desired token, you control the level of your risk in crypto-currency trading

Feature and Benefits TESECO Synthetic Exchange Token

Synthetic Exchange Token (1)
Synthetic Exchange Token
  1. TESECO Wants to Provide Users with an Incentive Platform that Promotes Trading and Increases Volumes while Contributing to the Stability of the Cryptocurrency Market.
  2. your cryptocurrency portfolio can grow everyday through the use of smart contract
  3. Double your money on each trade, while only risking half of your capital per trade
  4. These special tokens are designed to act like shares of a company in the stock market. You enjoy the potential returns of trading tokens without risking your original investment.
  5. This is where real potential lies, as liquidity begins to work for you.
  6. If you think a cryptocurrency will fall in price, you can borrow it at an exchange. If it goes up instead of down, you can give the crypto back and keep your profit.

You will be able to trade with no leverage but without the fear of being liquidated (the coins in your account are exchanged for lambo’s, Mercedes, and other luxury goods). When you buy TESECO you do not need a bank wire for the full amount, you can just send a deposit and buy the rest with leverage. You own collateral assets and profit from their growth. You can trade with limitless leverage without the stress of funding.

Trade more liquid assets with lower leverage 2) Trade correlated token pairs without added risk 3) Trade on margin with only a few pennies of margin.  Unlike exchanges with a high risk of liquidation, TesECO maintains an upper limit to liquidate positions that gives you protection from counterparty risk. With TesECO you save time and money in transaction fees and enjoy the highest limits on leverage

You can boost your capital by 50-100x and you don’t have to worry about the risks that come with leverage since your position is always collateralized.

No more sitting on positions you wish to close. Now, you can exit and open other positions while still having a stake in the previous ones. You can trade like the big guys without having to deposit your own money.

TESECO Synthetic Exchange Token is blockchain based asset which allows you to trade with leverage without the risk of liquidation, TESECO is backed by real physical assets, By owning the token, investors will receive a quarterly dividend from the profits earned by investing in its portfolio of blue-chip companies. Invest in an arena which offers 1.5-2x leverage, and better yet – earn dividends on your investment, Visit them here for more information and buy tokens before the pre-sale ends.

make those who will benefit from the success of TESECO to leverage their social media presence and authority in order to introduce new users into the ecosystem.

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