Edufex E-Learning Online Based Blockchain Platform

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Here’s how Edufex can help you achieve your dream career goals

Edufex is a blockchain-based E-learning online platform that is developed on an advanced Learning Management System. It is an integrated solution for learning and certification, which offers lifelong online learning. They have developed four main products within their platform:

Edufex Marketplace: This is the market place for multiple E-learning courses

Edufex app: An app to reward users for taking the courses from Edufex Marketplace. If you only take one course from Marketplace.

Edufex is made for the E-learning world. Our goal is to provide a platform where education will become more accessible to people who need it. Everyone should have access to education, and we will provide that possibility. Our blockchain Certification platform offers an innovative way of course certification and training.

Edufex is a platform that is developed on an advanced Learning Management System. The system segregates the blockchain network from the other components of the product providing a feel of complete control over the course experience. The system has several tools and templates to assist with online educational environment for teachers and students. blockchain-based E-learning platform that strives to provide resources on a single digital platform. The certification system and assessment framework are designed to be modern.

First E-Learning Certification Platform on Blockchain for Professionals to Learn

The world’s first e-learning certification platform on blockchain for professionals to learn, earn, share knowledge and collaborate. Edufex aims to address the twin challenges of education, lack of standards and fallibility of human knowledge through a decentralized network of educators and learners.  E-learning online platform, with Edufex tokens being used by students and teachers to access the certifications, courses available on the Edufex DLT platform.

Blockchain based E-Learning platform for education, course certification, training, and learning. We provide secure, low cost and high quality certification programs that are developed on an advanced Learning Management System. The model is powered by the first cryptocurrency ever created solely for E-Education and Online Courses.

 Edufex is a blockchain-based E-learning online platform, which is developed on the advanced LMS (Learning Management System) and also includes smart contracts, cryptocurrency wallet, and the main thing – it has a special algorithm that controls each user’s progress. The algorithm automatically grants or changes certificates of achievement depending on users’ activity on the platform. That way we are always sure that people have passed a course if they have their certifications. The system can also control access to courses based on users’ activity and restrict cheating.

Edufex Learning Management System (LMS)

Edufex ELearning Online
Edufex ELearning Online

Edufex is an online learning platform that uses the blockchain technology to offer a wide range of educational and certification courses. All Edufex courses can be accessed through the Edufex Learning Platform, which utilizes a Learning Management System (LMS) that is integrated with the blockchain-based certification system.

With our Edufex platform, we are dedicated to provide a safe, reliable, and transparent service that offers courses and certifications for individuals. We want people to feel safe and have peace of mind on the platform they’re using. With transparency at our core, we won’t just say it, but prove it with the blockchain technology.  it is one of the most important blockchain-based E-learning online platforms.

Our platform is Blockchain-based and uses smart contracts, a database where all information relating to a certification course is recorded. With Edufex you can access courses from more than 20 million members worldwide. You can become an expert in a number of different fields, Lifestyle, Marketing, Blockchain, Personal Development, Music, IT & Software, Business, Development, Finance & Accounting.

Earned EDX tokens

You can withdraw Earned EDX tokens and use them for other courses or withdraw them into fiat money from the exchange. In addition, you will help us confirm transactions in our blockchain so that we will become the leading global education platform. Have more than 400 E-learning courses with over 100 new courses added each month. All modules on the Edufex platform are in the form of interactive lectures with thousands of questions, answers, and additional information. You can also select your desired learning method. If you are a beginner, you can start with a trial version and learn all the basics for free.


We aim to join these two technologies (blockchain and education) and achieve the best quality solutions. This will increase user trust in the quality of our products since top priority is given to user experience. The blockchain Certification system can help make certification available, more transparent, and secure to everyone. Using the Edufex online learning platform and business intelligence tools, companies can manage their human resources effectively.

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